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Skyrocket Your Dental Practice Revenue with Our Proven Case Acceptance Method

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It’s Time For Your Practice To Thrive

If you want to grow your dental practice, one of the most important things you can focus on is your case-acceptance process.

On average, in dental practices…

1 in 3 patients decline recommended treatment plans.

That’s because many dentists struggle to communicate well, diagnose accurately, and create a top-notch experience for their patients — so it’s no surprise patients say “no.” 

But all those “no”s result in:

❌  Decreased Revenue

❌  Lack of Patient Trust

❌  Negative Online Reviews

❌  Decrease In Referrals

The dental market is more competitive than ever, and if you want your practice to thrive, you need to know exactly how to turn a potential “no” into a “100% YES!”

Introducing: Case Acceptance 101

The #1 Online Course For Dentists Who Want To Increase Case Acceptance Rates And Grow Their Dental Practice Beyond $3M/Year

11 In-Depth Course Modules:
This course will teach you how to master your case acceptance process in 11 easy-to-follow video lessons. This is the same process we use in our practice to generate over $3M/year in annual production.
Here's What You'll Walk Away With:

✅ A clear, actionable plan to increase your case acceptance rate, so you can grow your practice and help more patients.

✅ Increased productivity, allowing you to see fewer patients while achieving better results and making more money.

✅ Improved profitability by optimizing your case acceptance process and increasing the number of treatment plans that are accepted by patients.

✅ A defined role for your team in the case acceptance process, helping to streamline the process and make it more efficient.

✅ The ability to focus on the dentistry you enjoy most, and less on the tedious aspects of running a practice.

✅ A solid foundation for building a successful practice, ensuring your long-term success and the satisfaction of your patients.


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Meet Your Instructor

Here To Help Make Dentistry Simple

Hey there, I’m T-Bone!  I’m a practicing dentist who has faced plenty of ups and downs in this game we call ‘dental practice’. Like so many of you, being a dentist and practice owner has forced me to adapt several times – both clinically and how I run my dental business.
I was born in India and moved to the USA when I was 2 years old. Growing up in North Carolina, I actually lived in our family motel and watched my parents work 24 hours a day to provide a better future for me and my brother.  That’s where the practical and sensible approach to running a dental practice comes from.
My passion is helping dentists get further, faster by sharing my mistakes and triumphs. – Dr. Tarun Agarwal
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