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Frequently Asked Questions:

No! T-Bone (Dr. Tarun Agarwal) is known for his direct, no nonsense approach to dentistry and dental education.

You will learn more than enough to make you and your team happy. You will not be disappointed (unless you are looking for magic bullets to fix everything in a single day).

We will certainly share what 3D Dentists has to offer for training and coaching to help grow your practice, but by no means will you get a hard pitch for anything.

If you have heard Dr. Tarun Agarwal (T-Bone) speak, listened to his podcast, or seen him on social media – you know what he stands for when it comes to practicing dentistry and how important team members are.  More than likely it’s been some time since you have closed the office and done an entire team learning event. I promise you won’t regret this!

Let me be clear… You will get out of this program what you implement and hold accountable in your practice.

This program is designed to give you a baseline, fundamental overview of the ‘Case Acceptance Made Simple’.

If you desire more in depth coaching, we will be happy to talk about what we offer to help your practice.

Please call us at (855) 332-2285 and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have!

A great experience. Guaranteed.

We know how to make dental education inspiring and informative, while keeping it fun. If you are unhappy with your experience, we will be happy to refund your tuition.
This is the best offer available for someone who's truly serious about growing their practice to new heights and wants the best support available to help them get there.
Meet Your Instructor

Here To Help Make Dentistry Simple

Hey there, I’m T-Bone!  I’m a practicing dentist who has faced plenty of ups and downs in this game we call ‘dental practice’. Like so many of you, being a dentist and practice owner has forced me to adapt several times – both clinically and how I run my dental business.
I was born in India and moved to the USA when I was 2 years old. Growing up in North Carolina, I actually lived in our family motel and watched my parents work 24 hours a day to provide a better future for me and my brother.  That’s where the practical and sensible approach to running a dental practice comes from.
My passion is helping dentists get further, faster by sharing my mistakes and triumphs. – Dr. Tarun Agarwal
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